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Hello and welcome to my art page.  I am a ceramic artist but I love to explore a range of creative mediums. I completed a Degree in Ceramics a long time ago and have worked as a teacher of music and art, a musician and a video artist/ film maker.  Most of my creative work is computer dominated so it’s refreshing to get back to a creative medium that is direct and simple. I work in Earthenware clay and throw my pots on a trusty old wheel a friend gave me.  Each piece is a one off and is painted with love and care. As I paint I reflect on our beautiful wild life and nature. Every piece is like a meditation and a portal to another world. My range includes bowls of different sizes, candle boats and prints. My bowls are colourful with Australian native flower and animal designs. They come in a range of sizes and  are clear glazed and food safe. The candle boats are hand built with Australian native animals motifs. I make the candle boats in terra cotter clay and leave them unglazed as I like them to look wood like earthy and old.  Like an ancient relic. My prints are nature inspired designs, printed on fine paper and can be printed to order. For enquiries please send me a message.

.............I'd love to hear from you!

                              Cheerio  Nicky xx

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